Baroque Feathered Farm

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness,

Nothing so gentle as real strength.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Beyond Breeding
At Baroque Feathered Farms our horses don't just stand around and make babies. We believe in each horse having a full and adventurous life. They prove themselves as amazing riding horses with strength, stamina, agility, and a calm willing attitude. 

Here is one of our "broodmares", Norah, out enjoying a trip to the beach. Norah is 4 and has been started slowly and correctly using Natural Horsemanship and Liberty methods. Even though she is young and green, she will ride out alone or in groups and will hit the trails or get to work in the arena. She is a calm assertive natural leader and exemplifies the kind spirit and loyalty we so love and enjoy.
Fawkes is enjoying playing in the dunes at Liberty. Our horses prove themselves to be personable and engaging and pass their wonderful temperaments on to their foals.
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